Placement Test - тестирование уровня владения иностранным языком для студентов факультетов журналистики и ФСН БГУ.

Internet Mediated Trans-Ocean Round Table on Discourse Studies and Analysis in Academic and Professional Setting and Communication Studies and Research

The course is intended for correspondence students of the Faculty of Journalism and the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences

The course is aimed at PR and Communications students and deals with various written communication strategies and tactics.

The course is a joint project of the Department of English and Speech Communication of the Belarusian State University and Linneaus University (Kalmar-Vaxjo, Sweden).

The course consists of a number of modules. Each module is to assist you to reach the overall aim of creation and promotion of the Communicative Product in the intercultural context.

The course develops your communicative skills, independent and critical thinking skills, teamwork skills, skills to meet deadlines, skills to better organize yourself.

Swedish Institute Project ("Facing the future") is used as a sample of Communicative Product.

Expected learning outcomes

After completing this course students should:

- gain knowledge about and he able to independently study international communication campaigns

-be able to plan an international communication project

-be able to do basic analysis of different conditions for communication (media landscapes, audience behavior, technical limitations and social and political conditions)

-have gained insight into how digital media can be used in international project groups, including web-ethics


The main purpose of the course is to increase students understanding of differing social, legal, technical, financial and cultural conditions for communication and to develop students abilities to work in international environments. The course deals with both international marketing and campaign work by governments and NGOs, and other forms of strategic communication.

The fundamental elements of strategic communication are introduced. A central aspect of this is meaning management. We discuss what to communicate, why, where, to whom, when, how much and in what way.

As a result of the course and your peers from other countries will produce a communicative product in the area that is of interest to you.

In this the course you will have a chance to act as an:
- observer,
- thinker,
- analyst,
- synthesizer.
- creator